Farm Management

farm management
  • At Gorlero, we believe that there are no unproductive lands.
  • In order to guarantee the proper results, we focus on planification, organization, strategic management, and control of every action and decision related to the agricultural company.
  • We have proven experience in livestock management, agriculture and afforesttion, as well as in the different types of exploitation.
  • Every month, we report on every area related to the agricultural business, from the finance to production.

Advice on purchase and sale transactions

advise on sale
  • Each member of our staff is committed to offering the most effective advice to our clients in the sale-purchase of rural estate.
    If you are making a major decision, don’t move by yourself; together, we can think deeper and better.

Analysis and diagnosis

  • Through a thorough analysis, the company’s economic, financial and technical situation is studied and diagnosed.

  • Once the perfectible features have been identified, there are suggested a strategy and action plan in order to achieve the proposed goals.

Agricultural audit

  • Management analysis.
  • Cattle (stock) counts.
  • Inventories.
  • Labor, accounting and tax aspects.


  • We do appraisals on assets, ranchs, improvements, machinery, equipment, tools, livestock and anything related to the agricultural exploitation.
  • Banks, successions, partitions, eventual sellers and buyers frequently require our services in this field.

Investment projects

investment proyects
  • At Gorlero, we have a professional team focused on research and development of investment projects both in the agricultural sector and in other industries.
  • We advise on objectives definition, cost budgeting and resources management, according to the project features.